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It's all over now, nothing left to say...

You must have chaos within you to give birth to a dancing star


Who is she?
Sophie. Somewhere between 7 and 45, depends what day you catch me on. Talks too much about football. Can tell you every team in the football league, in alphabetical order. Supports a team that put her through hell, but who she would die for. Basically. Reads so much that she can’t tell the difference between fantasy and reality. Writes in elvish when she should be taking notes. Has an 9-year old baby boy, who happens to be a tabby cat. Loves her family more than life. Learnt all the colours of the crayons in the pencil box. Would rather be ‘weird’ than ‘boring’, thank you very much.

A warning…
I fangirl like a 5-year old girl. I try to keep it to a minimum, but I will freak out if need be. Mainly, I fangirl over footballers. This does not mean I know any less about football, or make me less of a football fan. If some busty blonde joined Top Gear, it wouldn’t mean you watched it to look at her, merely that she enhanced your enjoyment.

If you want to get on her good side…
Buy me books. Send me pictures of Joe Hart, Kasper Schmeichel, Lukasz Fabianski... any goalkeeper ever invented. James Milner. Thomas Vermaelen. Bastian Schweinsteiger. Stuart Broad. Robin van Persie. Offer me cookies. Let me fangirl without hitting me. Watch Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, on loop. Let me have Lord of the Rings and Twilight next to one another. Cry with me at the end of Green Street/Four Brothers/Lion King/Born Free. Hate Swindon Town. Good. We can be friends now.


If they’ve taught me one thing, it’s to never give up. Because anything can happen – even when you least expect it. And if you’ve done it before, you sure as hell can do it again…

And they did.

Credit where it be due...
My layout was designed by minty_peach and my header was made by thewhitegal (who also pretty much put my page together because I am dumb!) Thank you! <3
And, as it's not letting me leave links in my icon page; most of my icons were made by inbetweenwires and collapsingnight - who are both very talented!